Below is a small selection of my publications for download. You can find a complete list of my publications here. I would be happy to provide you with any item not listed below.

Selected Journal Articles

Social Entrepreneurs and Social Change” (with M. Beckmann, D. Gräbnitz, and R. Mirkovic), International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 2014.

Making Sense of the Global Health Crisis: Policy Narratives, Conflict and Global Health Governance”, Journal of Health Public Policy and Law, 2012

“Active Ageing Policy in Europe: Between Path Dependency and Path Departure”, Ageing International, 2005.

Selected Reports and Book Chapters

"Messy Institutions for Wicked Problems: How to Generate Clumsy Solutions", (with Marco Verweij), SSRN, 2014

“Unravelling the Global Health Crisis: Comparing Health Systems of 15 Countries”, IIASA Working Paper, IIASA, 2008.

“The Rediscovery of Politics: Democracy and Structural Pension Reform in Continental Europe” in Robert Holzmann, Mitchell Orenstein and Michal Rutkowski (eds.) (2003), Pension Reform in Europe: Process and Progress, The World Bank, Washington, D.C., pp. 79-110.